"Jo" has spent most of his time in the last five years in different Caribbean areas what gave him the opportunity to complete an extended and interesting job about the centre of the new continent.

- Dominican Republic (last 5 years): job completed along several trips visiting many areas of the “La Hispaniola” island. Journalist on cities, villages, mountains and all kind of shots on the place “Jo” fall in love with.

- Colombia (October 2006): a lot of landscape with some life, streets and people touches of a country in full tourism developing.

- Venezuela (October 2006): landscape photography of Margarita Island. Beautiful and quiet corners in a place with so much touristic potential still to discover.

- Costa Rica (November 2006): brief job majority about nature in three wild points in the country of the forests.

- Panama (November 2006): brief job mostly about the old town of the city known for its fluvial activity on its famous canal.

- Mexico (July to October 2007): full job consequence of a journalist on Merida and Valladolid area and various visits around Cancun zone.

- Belize (March 2008): majority of the job about landscape that show up the beauty and warm of a country still to discover.

- Guatemala (March 2008): nice and quiet way from north to south getting portraits, landscape and monuments of a charmer country.

- Cuba (January 2009): the village, its image, presence and behaviour from the optic of an interior, closed and unnoticed photography.